OUR Mission

Bay Area Musicals, a professional theater company, strives to stimulate and inspire the San Francisco Bay Area community through high-caliber musical theater ranging from familiar classics to challenging new works; to produce professional musical theater at accessible ticket rates; and to engage the community through performance, outreach, and educational opportunities.

Our Story


Want to learn more about Bay Area Musicals? Watch this video to see why Bay Area Musicals was created and our plans for the future. 

OUR History

Bay Area Musicals was founded in August 2014 by local theater professionals and community leaders.  While San Francisco is known worldwide for its cultural arts and offers a variety of theatrical opportunities, San Francisco does not have a professional theater organization dedicated solely to musical theater which presents both crowd-pleasing classics as well as original new works. 

Bay Area Musicals is dedicated to the craft and development of the American musical. We seek to be a service to the community and to enrich the lives of locals and visitors by providing a variety of high-quality musical theater productions at an affordable rate for all of those who want to attend. 

Our Objectives

a) to engage, stimulate, enliven, educate and transform the greater San Francisco Bay community through the production of professional, high-caliber musical theatre;

b) to stage public performances of musicals ranging from familiar classics to challenging new works;

c) to establish facilities for development, rehearsal, and production of these performances;

d) to create, nourish, and fully realize original musicals for aspiring lyricists, composers, and playwrights; 

e) to provide the community an opportunity to experience musical theater at an accessible price through various programs;

f) to offer higher-level academic program(s) to artists seeking experience or training in the professional theater industry;

g) to actively engage within the community by participating in or performing for city festivals, functions, and events.

Our Vision

Bay Area Musicals presents musical theater classics as well as contemporary pieces, exhibits diversity of appeal and diversity of cultures, showcases local and national talent, prepares emerging artists for success in the professional musical theater industry, and cultivates original pieces from conception to premiere in San Francisco. 


1)     Diversity: We utilize local professionals in non-traditional casting, administration, and other artistic roles. All of our productions are chosen for a diverse audience and are selected to appeal to a wide audience inclusive of diversity in age, gender, race, and sexuality. We are a theater who reflect the world around us.

2)     Professionalism: We use experienced actors who are in the union of Actor's Equity Association and non-Equity Actors.  We also pay all of artistic staff, designers, and musicians.

3)     Creativity: We will focus on creating original works for the musical theater cannon.  Integral to our mission is the cultivation of new works from conception to production with world premieres in San Francisco.

4)     Variety: Our season of musical choices will vary in style, mood, setting, and content. Bay Area Musicals will be the only musical theater company whose seasons present popular classics, modern musicals, and new works.  

5)     Innovation: Our musicals will be told through original interpretations, presenting superior musical theatre pieces in innovative ways that speak to today’s audiences, and inspires new perspectives.