B.A.M. Disabled Scholarship

The Program


The B.A.M. Disabled Scholarship will give five schools the opportunity to share the inspiring magic of musical theatre.  Starting in the fall of 2016, Bay Area Musicals will select five schools through an application process to participate in a 6-week intensive training program where Artistic Director, Matthew McCoy, will conduct acting and musical theatre classes for one hour a week.  Selected schools will need to meet certain criteria, with the most important being: servicing and teaching children who have a wheel chair disability.  

This program is specifically designed and geared towards youth who are disabled through natural causes or unexpected situations, altering their lives to be in a wheelchair indefinitely.   The six-week program will be a combination of musical theatre acting and dancing, while simultaneously build self-confidence and a positive mind that life in a wheelchair can be nothing less than spectacular and fulfilling. 

The Inspiration

On August 26, 2013, Brittanie Alicia McCoy, sister of Founder & Artistic Director Matthew McCoy, was on her way home from college and had a blow out going 70 mph on the expressway. Her car flipped and she was ejected from the vehicle through the driver side window. She suffered a T-9 injury that was a complete dislocation leaving her with no feeling and paralysis from the waist down. Her prognosis is never to regain feeling or the ability to walk again. We are so grateful that she survived the accident; however, the trauma from such a life-altering accident leaves one questioning their self-worth in the world and motivation to continue on.

Brittanie Alicia McCoy is currently fighting a bone infection and seeking the best possible care to extend her life. Her children were young at the time of the accident: Lyla,  5 months and Ayden, 20 months. It is quite possible that they will only know there mother in a wheel chair.  Through this incident and program, may we never forget how precious day to day things can be and how compassion towards all man kind can go.  

The B.A.M. Disabled Scholarship is named in her honor, Brittanie Alicia McCoy.  It will forever be a reminder that all children, no matter what condition they are in physically or mentally, have a purpose and reason to live.  To be normal …  like everyone else.  

How To Apply

If you are a school interested in this program, please contact Artistic Director, Matthew McCoy, at matthew@bamsf.org with the subject line: B.A.M Disabled Scholarship.  You will receive more information on the program, the application, and have any questions answered.